When Motivation abandons me, Discipline rescues me

At times, we all go through moments when motivation disappears completely. We are tempted to abandon our goals and stop fighting. In my case, I have experienced this feeling on several occasions, especially when I was in another country. However, in those moments of discouragement, discipline acts as a fundamental support that propels me forward.

Life is full of ups and downs

Starting a project or pursuing an exciting goal is often accompanied by an explosion of motivation. We feel inspired and full of energy to face any challenge that comes our way. However, over time, that initial motivation tends to fade. Difficulties, fatigue, and routine can make us feel demotivated and tempted to give up.

Discipline as my engine of success

For me, discipline has become an essential pillar. While motivation is fleeting and depends on external factors such as inspiration and enthusiasm, discipline is a skill I have developed and strengthened over time. It is the ability to commit to my goals and work towards them consistently, even when I don’t feel particularly motivated.

Difference between Motivation and Discipline:

Motivation is the initial spark that propels us to start, while discipline is the force that keeps us on track even when motivation diminishes. Motivation is like a flame that can be easily ignited but can also quickly extinguish. On the other hand, discipline is like a constant engine that propels us forward, even when we face obstacles and challenges.

Steps I have taken to cultivate my Discipline

1. Set clear goals: Defining my goals precisely and realistically has helped me stay focused when motivation falters.

2. Create an action plan: Developing a detailed plan with concrete steps has provided me with structure and direction.

3. Establish routines: Consistency is key to developing discipline. Setting daily routines, such as waking up at 5 in the morning, has been crucial to staying on track even on the toughest days.

4. Find inspiration: Seeking sources of inspiration, such as books, motivational talks, or success stories, has been a boost to keeping my motivation high.

5. Overcome procrastination: Identifying my procrastination patterns and working to overcome them has been a constant but vital challenge in maintaining discipline.

6. Celebrate small achievements: Recognising and celebrating my progress, no matter how small, has motivated me to keep going.

The role of Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is an advanced skill that involves the ability to control my impulses and stay on course, even when temptations are strong. Saying “no” to distractions and behaviours that I know would steer me away from my goals has become a crucial part of my journey towards success.

Benefits of My Self-Discipline

• Greater productivity: Self-discipline allows me to focus on important tasks and avoid distractions that waste my time.

• Increased resilience: It helps me confront obstacles with determination and overcome failures without giving up.

• Enhanced personal satisfaction: Achieving my goals through self-discipline brings me deep satisfaction and self-esteem.

In my experience, when motivation abandons me, discipline becomes my lifesaver. Cultivating this discipline has allowed me to move towards my goals even in the most challenging moments. I remember that motivation is volatile, but discipline is constant. So, I keep my eyes on my goals and let discipline guide me to success!

Some practices I follow:

1. The key is to establish habits and routines that reinforce self-discipline. Start with small goals and gradually increase the difficulty.

2. I remember why I started and visualise the benefits of reaching my goals. I also seek support from friends or mentors.

3. Consistency and patience are essential for strengthening self-discipline.

4. Books, videos, and podcasts have provided me with inspiration and tips to keep motivation high. Morning podcasts have been like my coach when starting the day; I listen to them during my workouts.

5. I never start the day by consuming news; instead, I expose myself to content that provides me with tools to begin the day with the best attitude.

Finally, don’t let a lack of motivation stop you on your path to success! Cultivate discipline and stay focused on your goals. Success is within reach for those who persevere!

Thanks for reading me,

Jhamile Abuabara


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