Career trajectory

My Educational Background

Sacrifice a few years doing what others are unwilling to do, and you will enjoy the rest of your life as others never can. Mark Hughes

Master's in Digital Business

Instituto Internacional Español de Marketing Digital – IIEMD

Spain  (2014-2018) 

Virtual modality

Master's in Marketing

University of Palermo

Buenos Aires – Argentina (2003-2007)


Master's Degree in Business Management

University of Palermo

Buenos Aires – Argentina (2003-2007)


Degree in Business Administration

Sergio Arboleda University

Bogotá – Colombia (1996-2001)

Some talks

Empowering Women through Technology: Balancing Professional and Personal Life

As women and mothers, we face the challenge of balancing our professional and personal lives. Fortunately, technology provides us with the perfect solution to this dilemma. With the help of technology, we can develop our skills and improve professionally, while still being able to attend to our familial responsibilities. In essence, technology acts as our partner, helping us to thrive both in our careers and as mothers.

Delivering Inspiring Insights

In my presentations, I emphasize that the true essence of happiness lies in the journey, not the destination. Every encounter, whether positive or negative, serves as a valuable lesson that helps us build resilience, fortitude, and determination. I encourage everyone to embrace each experience, no matter how challenging, as an opportunity to grow and continue forward on their journey with even greater strength.

The Empowerment and Digital Tools Workshop

In Peru, attracting a diverse crowd of over 200 participants. The session was designed to equip businesses with the necessary skills and knowledge to advance their operations. The workshop was divided into two parts, the first of which focused on empowering the businesses with a variety of tools. The second part explored the various digital tools available to help businesses establish their digital presence and create their unique digital identity.

Three Critical Components of Career Advancement

As the job market changes, our career growth strategies must change too. For success in your field, focus on:

Strong digital identity – Engage on professional platforms and maintain a positive online presence
Networking – Build a diverse network and leverage relationships for growth
Industry knowledge – Stay current through education and training

My Professional Journey

DMK Tribe (Digital Marketing Tribe)

Upon arriving in Lisbon in 2021, my ability to build and strengthen communities grew exponentially, leading two communities simultaneously with positive results. In November 2022, I began working with the Digital Marketing Lisbon community, taking full leadership in the course of 2023, where DMK Tribe, the Digital Marketing Tribe, was born. Today, we have a platform that connects marketing professionals, we hold in-person events to share knowledge and create meaningful connections, our community has approximately 1500 active members, and various channels to communicate and support each other with the latest Marketing updates.

Business Connections

After working with VSJ Digital helping businesses, I discovered that most businesses at the beginning have a common problem, to become visible.

Little Connexions was born from this problem, as a solution for businesses, Little Connexions is a platform that offers Micro Websites for businesses, providing a space of connectivity between businesses and customers from different places having the possibility to expand their visibility and network of contacts.

Little Connexions offers support services and advice to businesses, providing them with an alternative with a vision of growth using different means to connect with different people or entities for their benefit.

Digital Marketing

I have gone through several phases in my career path, starting with my graduation in 2001, where I had the opportunity to work for a multinational company that offered me training in the United States on E-business strategies. This experience helped shape my thesis on “E-business as a Marketing Strategy for SMEs.”

Over the years, I have worked in countries like the United States and Argentina, where I honed my skills in developing a digital identity and image for companies.

In 2010, I decided to start my own company in Colombia, initially relying on traditional marketing techniques such as stationery, word-of-mouth referrals, and trade fairs. However, I soon realized that these strategies were not yielding the desired results, despite my significant investment. For instance, I distributed 1000 flyers but only received one response.

As a result, I shifted my focus to the digital realm and invested in learning about the latest digital marketing tools. I created my first website using WordPress and worked hard to establish my brand online. Through continuous learning and updating my knowledge, I became confident in my skills. Although I faced challenges in getting familiar with Cpanel, I persevered and improved with practice.

I am proud to have earned certifications in Google Analytics, AdWords, and Digital Marketing, showcasing my expertise in this field.

Throughout my Master’s in Digital Business, which I began in 2014, I was exposed to the various facets of digital marketing. I put my learnings into practice by working on various projects, both personal and for others. I found that the best way to truly understand a topic was to teach it to others. This led me to establish my own digital marketing agency, VSJ Digital, where I assist businesses by providing workshops and empowering them with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize digital marketing tools.


I am naturally inquisitive. I gather knowledge and wisdom from every encounter, whether it be through people, life experiences, formal education, or simply by exploring new places. I firmly believe that every encounter presents an opportunity for growth and I actively seek out these chances to broaden my understanding and expand my horizons. My passion for learning is a constant driving force in my life.