The importance of Self-Determination

I believe that self-determination is the key to creating habits and not failing in the attempt.

Sometimes when we set goals to achieve a certain objective, we let ourselves be carried away by external factors that demotivate us not to meet the goals being this a factor for not achieving the goal in the time that we propose.

We usually find excuses for not doing certain activities, a classic example is exercise, we set a goal to exercise every morning, one week we achieve our goal, but the next week it rains one day, that day we self-sabotage and we can not get out of bed, at this time it is vital that our determination helps us to stand up and do the exercise, if we can not go out, a solution is to do it at home.

Another example, it has happened to me a lot, is to meet with a person to go to a meeting or a place that brings me professionally, and it turns out that the person calls and tells you that he/she cannot go, at that moment it crosses our mind not to go and we look for all the excuses not to attend.

I had that experience and I regret not having gone to some meetings that contributed to me, there came a time when I strengthened my self-determination and has been for me a key point in my development, because external factors such as being canceled at the last minute or the weather for my physical activities is not a problem, I have created habits, where I feel self-sufficient to be able to fulfill the plan.

The satisfaction of having fulfilled each step of the plan and achieved the objectives, help me to have more motivation to keep moving forward, being self-determination a key point for the development of the human being.

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