The importance of Self-Determination

I firmly believe that self-determination is the key to establishing habits and avoiding failure in the attempt.

Sometimes, when we set goals to achieve a specific objective, we allow external factors to demotivate us and hinder our ability to meet those goals within the timeframe we have set for ourselves.

We often find excuses to avoid certain activities; a classic example is exercise. We commit to exercising every morning, and one week we achieve our goal, but the next week it rains one day, and on that day, we sabotage ourselves and struggle to get out of bed. At that moment, it is crucial that our determination helps us get up and exercise; if we can’t go outside, a solution is to exercise at home.

Another example, which has happened to me many times, is confirming with a colleague to attend a meeting or go to a place that benefits us professionally, only to have the colleague decide not to attend at the last minute. In those moments, the thought of not attending crosses my mind, and I search for all the excuses, but ultimately, my willpower motivates me to go, finding opportunities in every situation.

On several occasions, I have experienced not attending some meetings, and I regret it because I know they would have contributed to my professional growth. Gradually, my willpower and self-determination strengthened over time, and today I can say that it has been a key factor in my personal and professional development, being completely disciplined and committed to my goals, which has helped me achieve my objectives and what I have set out to accomplish. I learned that in life, you must walk alone; along this journey, you encounter people who help you grow, accompany you part of the way, and then you find other people who contribute to achieving your goal, so always keep walking and have the self-determination not to be influenced by external factors that are within your control.

The greatest satisfaction is having achieved my goals and all the learning that comes with it; with each step, motivation becomes stronger to continue taking more steps. In life, self-determination acts as an internal compass that guides us towards personal freedom and well-being. It is about the ability to make decisions about our lives without the influence or imposition of external forces, forging our own path with responsibility and autonomy.

Empowerment through self-determination involves:

Self-awareness: Identifying our needs, values, and desires is essential for making decisions aligned with our being.
Evaluating options: Analysing the different available alternatives, their pros and cons, allows us to make informed and responsible decisions.
Taking responsibility: Being aware of the consequences of our decisions helps us face them with maturity and learning.

Benefits of self-determination:

Greater personal satisfaction: Making decisions that align with our essence generates a sense of well-being and control over our lives.
Increased self-esteem: Trusting in our ability to make decisions empowers us and increases our self-confidence.
Better relationships: Honest and open communication with our loved ones strengthens when we can express our needs and desires.
Greater resilience: Learning from wrong decisions allows us to face challenges with greater fortitude and adaptability.

Developing self-determination is an ongoing process. It is a journey of self-discovery and learning that invites us to challenge social expectations, explore new possibilities, and build an authentic and meaningful life.

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