The connection between leadership, empathy and adaptability in ‘The Wild Calling'”.

Some time ago I saw a very interesting film called “The Call of the Wild” that I loved, and coincidentally, I watched it again this week. I couldn’t help but share my thoughts. I am an animal lover, and particularly of dogs, so this movie was very touching for me. As I watched it, I began to draw some leadership lessons and compared it to situations in my professional and personal life that we all face at some point.

The plot of the movie focuses on Buck, a large and strong dog who lives in a judge’s house in California during the gold rush in the 1890s. After being kidnapped and sold as a sled dog in Yukon, Canada, Buck starts a new life. After several abuses, he is bought by a man named Perrault, who is responsible for carrying mail to several villages and leads a pack of dogs, including an alpha who has been doing the same activity for years. Buck becomes part of the pack, but he did not have the leadership qualities of the Alpha. At first, he struggled to adapt and begin to learn from the daily routine. At some moments, I saw myself reflected in Buck, empowering myself in the toughest moments, which made me take steps that I had never done before. After many events, Buck finally becomes the Alpha of the pack.

Then, he has a second owner, Hal, an ambitious gold seeker who causes Buck to be completely injured and separated from the pack. Finally, he is rescued by John Thornton, a solitary gold seeker who becomes his friend and protector. Thornton and Buck explore the wild lands together and have several adventures, including a fight with a giant bear.

Despite the happiness Buck finds with Thornton, he is still pursued by the call of the wild. After Thornton is killed by Hal, Buck joins a pack of wolves and becomes their leader.

The movie shows Buck’s transformation from a domesticated dog to a pack leader in nature. It also explores themes such as animal cruelty, greed, and the connection between humans and animals.

I want to share some leadership lessons that I drew from the movie. Here are some of the leadership lessons:

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Motivating ability: we see how John Thornton (played by Harrison Ford) is able to motivate Buck through patience, respect, and trust. An effective leader must be able to understand the needs and desires of their team and motivate them to give their best.

Communication: Buck leads his pack using different forms of communication, such as growls, body movements, and facial expressions, to ensure that all members are in tune and understand what is expected of them.

Group protection: Buck leads his pack of wolves to protect them from the dangers of nature, such as bears and other predators. He makes sure that all members of the pack are safe and protected.

Decision-making: Buck makes important decisions for the pack, such as choosing the place to rest or searching for food. As he becomes a leader, he becomes wiser and makes smarter choices for the benefit of the group.

Inspiration: Buck is able to inspire his pack with a clear vision and shared purpose. In addition, he inspires his pack with his strength and bravery, and the other members see him as a role model and follow him with confidence.

Guidance: In the movie, we see how Thornton guides Buck through the challenges and dangers they encounter. An effective leader must be able to guide their team towards established goals, providing them with the necessary tools and support to achieve them.

Empathy: Buck experiences different forms of leadership, some positive and some negative. An effective leader must be able to put themselves in their team’s shoes and understand their concerns and needs.

Adaptability: Buck learns to adapt to different situations and lead in different circumstances. An effective leader must be able to adapt to changes in the environment and lead in changing situations, also, they are an adaptable leader, capable of quickly changing direction and facing new challenges. When the pack encounters obstacles in their path, Buck is able to find a solution and lead the group to success.


…leading in changing situations, being flexible and open to change.

The movie “The Call of the Wild” taught me a lot about leadership and how to apply these lessons to my daily life. Sometimes, we can find inspiration and teachings in unexpected places, like a movie or a book. I loved how the movie showed the evolution of Buck’s character and how he became an effective leader in nature.

I also liked how the movie explored important themes like animal cruelty and the connection between humans and animals. As an animal lover, I believe it is important to consider the well-being of all living beings and treat them with respect and compassion.

In conclusion, I recommend the movie “The Call of the Wild”. It is definitely worth watching if you are looking for an exciting and moving story about leadership, adventure, and the connection between humans and animals. Moreover, it is an excellent source of inspiration and teachings on how to be an effective leader in any area of life.

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