I want to take a Digital Marketing course!…

I want to take a Digital Marketing course!…

During these last months, I have heard this phrase from different people who contact me, to ask me where to do it.

My answer is the following ….

There are many Digital Marketing courses and I can recommend some, but if you don’t have some concepts clear you won’t get the most out of it, I suggest it, based on my experience.

Some years ago, I did not know anything about digital marketing, I searched several courses online and started some on Youtube, I lost the thread easily, until I found some free and accredited basic courses (actívate Google), they are courses created by Google tutors that help you understand the basics so you can then do the Digital Marketing courses you need.

These are courses that you can do at your own schedule, they take 40 hours and you complete them with a certification. There are many more courses in this program that can be of great help to better understand Digital Marketing, after doing these courses you can take other courses investing better your time and money.

First take confidence in this area having clear the concepts and then you can take courses that you can apply it to your business.

I share with you the link where you can start learning about Digital Marketing. 


Written by: Jhamile Abuabara 


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