Building your personal SWOT

If you are in a time of personal or professional change, this note is for you.

I have created this article with the collection of postcasts and documents that I have found very interesting, at the end of the note I will leave two postcasts that group all the content of this article.

Recognizing my strengths and weaknesses, taking into account external aspects such as opportunities and threats of my environment, has helped me to rediscover aspects of my life that I had forgotten, this evaluation is recommended to evaluate every 6 months, because every day we are constantly learning.

In my opinion, making the first personal SWOT is the most difficult than the later ones because we have the basis and we can modify it depending on our progress.

For the SWOT evaluation, it is necessary to ask some questions, which I took from one of the audios.

Below, I transcribe the questions:

Internal Analysis: Individual own characteristics.


  1. What skills do I have?
  2. What do I do better than others?
  3. What do I excel at?
  4.  What activities are easy for me to do?
  5.  What am I good at?
  6. What activities am I most passionate about?
  7.  What would I do without being paid?
  8.  Do I like to help others?
  9.  In what areas or activities have I discovered that I add value?
  10. Do I already have my personal brand and am I a recognized person in my circle of influence?
  11.  What values do I believe in and which ones do I practice?


  1. What things do I avoid doing?
  2. What should I change about myself or my way of being?
  3. What negative habits have kept me from moving forward?
  4.  What are my fears?
  5.  In what area of my life do I feel most vulnerable? 
  6. What characteristics negatively affect the achievement of my goals?
  7.  What experience do I lack in order to achieve what I desire?
  8. What skills or what should I learn as soon as possible?

External analysis: We have no control over them, we must be attentive because we cannot modify them, but we can take advantage of them to develop opportunities. Everything that happens in my external environment.


  1.  What changes are taking place in the industry I work in?
  2. What changes are there in the political/economic situation in my country that I can take advantage of?
  3.  What macroeconomic trends are emerging that can help me?
  4.  Am I reading books that talk about the macro trends of the future?
  5. Do I identify any problems within the industry or within the area of my business?
  6. Do I have any technology that I can take advantage of?
  7. Is there any training that can help me enhance my business?


  1. Are there any negative trends that are coming into my business?
  2. Are there any recurring complaints among people who do what I do?
  3.  Are there many competitors?
  4.  Is there a personal or family situation that could become a threat?
  5. Are there any changes in technology or information technology that could affect my business?

To complement, in one of the audios, they comment that there are 24 strengths that are divided into 6 groups of virtues, this complement can help you to have more clear your strengths and be able to develop them. 

The virtues 

  1.  Wisdom
  2.  Courage
  3.  Humanity
  4. Justice
  5. Temperance
  6. Transcendence 
  1. Wisdom: Creativity, curiosity, judgment, love of learning and perspective.
  2. Courage: Courage, perseverance, honesty and enthusiasm.
  3. Humility: Love, kindness and social intelligence.
  4.  Fairness: Teamwork, fairness and leadership.
  5.  Temperance: forgiveness, humility, prudence and self-control.
  6. Transcendence: appreciation for beauty, gratitude, hope, humor and spirituality.

The personal SWOT analysis allows us to know ourselves in order to create strategies that help us to achieve our goals.

I hope I have contributed with this note.

Thanks for reading

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