A close person recommended me a book, essentialism by Greg McKeown, at that moment I felt blocked, with many things in my mind, by nature my mind is always racing, doing many things, that’s good, but sometimes I get distracted and I don’t concentrate.

I started to see some summaries of the book on the internet, finally deciding to buy the book (recommended).

While I read the book I managed to find some points that had to do with me, I took note of each part and my mind began to get rid of things, managing to clear my head and organize my mind.

At different times in life we find ourselves confused and sometimes we get frustrated, it is something that happens when life tells you, STOP!

What I did,

I took a blank notebook, I began to write everything I had in mind, the mind is like a wastebasket, you put papers, until it is full and when it is full you empty it to put more papers again. That’s how your mind is when it reaches the top and you can not place more papers and if you place it falls, our mind overflows and that’s when we get frustrated because there is no space.

 In the notebook I started to write down everything (thoughts, tasks, work, projects etc.) and then I organized each thought, this helped me to clear my mind. When I saw it on paper, I realized the things that really mattered, the others came to mind stayed and made a mess in my mind making it collapse.

When you put your mind in order, you start to put things in perspective and become more productive in the next step.

Here are several points that can help you, 

– Always take the essentials, identify priorities, find things that make a difference.

– Set your priorities not others, take the power and direction of your life.

– Focus on the priority to make it as simple as possible, simple is always good.

– Take your time, rest and think about things in different ways, put creativity to work, disconnect, paint, plant, sing, dance, run, exercise and change your routine, stop and think is better, because you have more clarity after doing activities that disconnect you.

– Eliminate activities that are not essential, the rule of 90% and 10% (I made a list of things and began to place a percentage, if it does not reach 90% eliminate them, at first it costs, in one of the summaries, place a basic example, about cleaning the closet, take out all your clothes and if a garment does not reach 90% of valuation is removed from the closet, so clear, at first it costs.

– Plan after doing the mental cleaning

– Execute

I have been applying this for several weeks, I feel lighter and my mind is clearer.

We all go through a time of confusion and frustration, but if we find the right tools we can learn from the situation and grow to help others in the same situation.

Thanks for taking the time, blessings


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