3 important keys for personal development

Today it is important to be able to use digital tools for professional growth, I share 3 important keys that have helped me to develop myself in the last 10 years.

Key 1: Personal Branding

Key 2: Networking

Key 3: Learning


 Key 1: Personal Branding

Personal branding is the mark we leave on others and the memory they have of us. Whenever we intervene in a specific situation we leave a trace.

Where do we make our personal brand known?

In our circle of acquaintances, in social networks and with our CV.

In social networks I mentioned (LinkedIn) as main if we are looking for a job topic and in others like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

I would like to emphasize that LinkedIn is not only a network to look for a job, it is a network to create Networking, sales, alliances and highlight our skills, with the content of value that we share ourselves and that we generate. It is very important to create a profile with an appropriate photo and with all the information such as skills, strengths, experiences and achievements.

I recently heard from a group (personal branding is never finished, it is always improving).

I believe that this statement is critical , we are improving with the experiences we acquire day by day.

I am referring to the CV because it is the letter of introduction for a company to know about us, I would like to make these reflections:

When you are looking for a job, the CV is sent by mail ( today), the person who receives it must have many candidates.

The first thing the human resources person or the person looking at the CV …. looks at is the first paragraph! it is the first paragraph! In this first paragraph you have to briefly highlight your skills and your strengths, it is your cover letter. I will give you an example, when you go to a bookstore the first thing you read before buying the book is the small summary on the back cover of the book, if it seems interesting we open the book and if we like it we buy it, well in this case, they see our CV, they read the summary and if it seems interesting they review the CV.

Key 2: Networking

What is Networking?

It is creating links with people who have similar interests and goals to ours, with the purpose of sharing experiences, knowledge and employment or business opportunities.

What is important?

Having a personal brand

It is an opportunity to expand our number of contacts and networking network globally.

Generate solid and lasting relationships.

Be empathetic and helpful or generate a collaborative environment.

We are not talking about having more friends on Facebook or adding contacts on LinkedIn, we are talking about generating connections that add up to professional and business growth.

The key is to network with employees of the company where you would like to work, in groups such as Telegram or WhatsApp groups, with people who are in communities working in the area you would like to develop in person or in virtual events that take place in the area you are interested in.

Key 3: Learning

Improve your skills

Invest (time/money) in training.

Get trained in improving your digital DNA to be more attractive to companies.

The world is changing and continues to change, the work we look for today is changing, you must be trained so that companies can find in you what they are looking for.

When looking for a job a person concentrates on sending a resume, if there is no respond back, the important thing is to make sure to re-evaluate why the results weren’t successful.

Investigate what you are looking for in the market where you are focused.

You can research in groups and communities in your sector.

Be curious and do your research!

Written by Jhamile Abuabara

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